UT Administration begins laying cycle tracks in Chandigarh Cycle hiring facility is also being promoted in the city

AIMING to become 100 per cent cyclist-friendly city, the engineering wing of the UT Administration has begun laying cycle tracks in the city. At present, work is going on near the Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh Golf Course and Panjab University where work on laying cycle tracks is going on in full swing.

“As of now, we are covering about 40-50 kms of a stretch for construction of cycling tracks. We are also covering the roads with heavy traffic as they have a necessity for the tracks,” said Chief Engineer Mukesh Anand.

Cycle hiring facility is also being promoted in the city. This facility allows people to hire cycles from cycle stations at different parts of the city using the cycle tracks. “Primarily, our work is to construct cycling tracks. Making of cycle hiring points and arranging cycles are the responsibility of the MC,” added the engineer.

At present, Chandigarh has more than 82 kms of cycle tracks. The first phase of the project, which has already begun, will cover a stretch of 90 kms of cycling tracks. The entire cost of the project will be around Rs 25 crore.The first phase will cost about Rs 12 crore out of the total estimate and will be completed by December. Cycling tracks will be laid on Madhya Marg, Jan Marg, Purv Marg and Vikas Path.

Source: www.indianexpress.com


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